Student Council


Throughout their time at Fulham Primary School, our pupils have the opportunity to become a school leader.  There are many roles and responsibilities that we offer our pupils.  These include roles such as Head Boy and Head Girl, Year 6 Prefects, Digital Leaders, House Captains, Buddies, School Councillors and Library Helpers.  Our pupils thrive on the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and to be excellent role models for their fellow peers.


2018 – 2019 Leaders

‘Throughout their time at Fulham…’

Head Boy:  Ahmad

Head Girl:  Ela


Year 6 Prefects:  Michelle, Iman, Dami, Zinedine, Tin, Isla, Mysha, Thenisha, Khadija


Head Buddies: Valentina and Kaylen

Buddies: Scarlett, Janat, Kiera, Lina, Nafessa, Alistair, Ayman, Amir, Aya, Ibtisam, Tikira, Ruby F, Lacey, Sofia G, Ruby J


Digital Leads:   Head – Ahmed    Deputy – Sohail

Digital Leaders: Hashim, Scarlett, Manel, Omar A, Isabella L ,Jafar, Anne B, Omar, Iman M


House Captains:

Irving –  Khaled

Mensah – Reese

Talbot – Antoine

Cashmore – Sumaya


School Council Leads:  Omar and Sharnae


School Council

School Council Elections took place on the 11th October.  Leading up to this date, pupils were given the opportunity to write a Manifesto and present it to their class.  On the 11th October, our Lower Hall was transformed into a Polling Station where each class visited and cast their votes for the boy and girl that they thought would best represent their class on the School Council.  (Add the School Council Winners table (attached) underneath this)


School Council Election Results 2018