School Life


The school day begins at 9.00am with registration and finishes at 3.15pm. Fulham Primary School provides a positive environment in which our pupils can develop a love of learning as well as a curiosity about the world around him or her.

We offer a broad curriculum, treat each of our pupils as an individual and encourage them to become independent, questioning, creative thinkers. A variety of extra curricular clubs run each day throughout the week from 3.30-4.30pm and children have the opportunity to sign up to these at the start of each term.

Children break for lunch at 12.15pm (Early Years and KS1) and 12.30pm (KS2) and are encouraged to eat a cooked school lunch. Parents may opt for their child to bring a packed lunch to school but this must contain healthy foods.

All classes produce a class assembly at least twice a year to showcase their learning to parents and to the rest of the school. Details of class assembly dates can be found in the weekly newsletters and class information sheets which are sent out at the start of each term. Teachers also hold termly parent workshops
to ensure that parents have a good knowledge of the skills being taught to
their child.

Full attendance at school is vital to ensure that children make outstanding progress. Attendance is monitored rigorously and children with 100% attendance each term are rewarded with a prize.

The school sees homework as a vital tool for reinforcing classroom lessons and for encouraging independent working habits and skills. Homework is set on a Friday and returned to school during the following week. Parents are also encouraged to read with their children on a daily basis to consolidate and extend the reading skills acquired at school.