Over recent years, there has been an ICT revolution and computers are now an essential part of our society.

Computers are built into everyday objects such as CD players, washing machines and DVD’s. Computers are used as tools to handle information to communicate.

It is vital that all our pupils gain confidence and capability in using ICT to prepare them for later life. The use of ICT can also enhance and extend a child’s learning across the whole curriculum. At Fulham Primary School, ICT is an integral part of the curriculum. When they will be able to use ICT they are obtaining a set of skills they will, undoubtedly, be required for the routines of life, for pleasure and for creativity in the future.

Fulham Primary school has an ICT suite, which is used by all the classes.
There are also laptops which are used by all classes. All classes have interactive whiteboards and there is also a projector in the bottom hall which is used regularly for class assemblies.

There is a very good wireless network that covers all floors and wireless devices including iPad’s in the unit.

Every year there is an ICT day in school where the children are encouraged to explore new technology and learn new skills. The school also focuses on e-safety at the start of every school year.

The ICT curriculum at Fulham Primary meets the demanding needs of today’s technology. The curriculum is designed for teachers to develop children’s knowledge and skills of ICT, linking it to other subject areas.


Digital Leaders

To further develop the ICT skills of our pupils and adults at Fulham Primary School we have instigated a program of Digital Leaders. We currently have six Digital Leaders from our key stage two classes.

As part of a team, a Digital Leader can expect to perform the following roles within school:

  • Test new ICT resources, which could be websites, software or hardware.
  • Share their skills and expertise with other pupils, classes and teachers.
  • Lead ICT lunchtime clubs.
  • Work with children from other schools on specific projects.