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At Fulham Primary School, we teach through an exciting, creative skills based curriculum, embedding cross curricular links to maximise learning opportunities and engagement.

Due to the significant changes brought about by the introduction of the new 2014 Curriculum, Fulham Primary School has taken the opportunity to review and re-evaluate our approach to delivering the National Curriculum. After taking into account a number of different methods of addressing the changes, we have made the decision to adopt the Inspire curriculum.

This decision was not easy, as we needed to ensure whichever resource we selected would provide sufficient coverage, and be broad enough to meet our requirements.​ As such, we have been conducting a review of the 2015 Inspire curriculum, and assessing its impact on children’s learning, beginning in the second half of the Autumn term.

Some of the key benefits of the Inspire curriculum are outlined below:

  • ​​​Ofsted inspectors are involved in the writing of the Inspire curriculum
  • All content is thoroughly checked by subject specialists
  • Each unit is themed and written by Outstanding Teachers, to provide a broad and purposeful curriculum
  • The Inspire curriculum is updated annually with new themed units featuring outdoor learning opportunities, real life application of skills and supported by a range of digital resources
  • The Inspire curriculum is structured with clear learning objectives and success criteria, allowing our staff to spend more time tailoring lessons to our children’s learning and specific needs​

Whole School Inspire Curriculum Overview please click here:

The Inspire Curriculum Overview 2017-2018

Inspire Curriculum by Year group