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  1. I love this school, its the best school ever

  2. I love the we suu so much that there is only one thing that’s missing now our whole uniforms

  3. Hi there it’s maimuna I love the website but the thing is that I have not seen anything about the new school uniforms that’s a problem

  4. Hey there FPS,
    I miss the school so much,
    Can’t believe I left 4 years ago (so I’m in yr10 now),
    This school means so much to me and I miss it all the world,
    Hope everyone has fun there and loves the school jst as much as I do,
    Hope to come and visit soon,
    Thanks for all you’ve done for me Kerri, Miss Wright (or as you’re now called Mrs Kurdi),
    See you next time FPS,
    Love from Anonymous student xx

  5. i reallllllllllllly miss fps :(

  6. I love the new website.

  7. I like the new website

  8. Can’t wait to get back to school ; I’ve had a break and I’m ready to learn :)


  10. school journey

  11. i cant wait for school journey sooooo nervous 2 and a half weeks left yaaay
    best school ever
    just done our year 6 speeches

  12. i cant wait for school journey sooooo nervous 2 and a half weeks left yaaay
    if u have went u should.
    my brain is jam packed
    best school ever
    just done our year 6 speeches

  13. I love the new website especially the gallery !

  14. I love the new website especially the guest book ! :)

  15. Cant wait to go back to school after a 2 week rest.
    So excited !

  16. I love the new school website ( especially the guest book ) :)

  17. Love the new website (mostly that we get to comment )

  18. Love the new website (mostly that we get to comment ) :)

  19. missing you all sooooooooo much wish I was still in primary school. just chose my gcses drama, catering, i.c.t and art loving it loads

  20. hi there looooooooooooooooove the new website and thank you miss Rankin for
    Tha Magic math lesson

  21. cool website


  23. can’t wait to start year five. miss my friends so bad.
    BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I’ll never forget you Fulham primary sad times p.s you should’ve built a yr 7 class in the attic this year :(

  25. So I just watched the virtual tour of FPS on your brand new website and I have the biggest smile on my face! It was simply brilliant! How nice to see familiar faces of students growing up and looking so happy and intelligent. It made me miss my London life although I am enjoying being back in Australia with my family. Next week I’m going to have my second baby which will be lots of fun. Sort of?! Happy summer holidays and lots of love to everyone. Hugs hugs and high fives, Miss Gillian xxx

  26. Hi Guys how are you I miss you loads and see you Wednesday

    Bye Troy P.S. Always remember me

  27. To Mrs Kurdi and Kerry ill see you Wednesday bye

  28. The school website is amazing I love the gallery but I love that we get to comment
    The most

  29. I love the new website it’s amazing I love the photos the school. History and expecily that we get to comment!! :)

  30. We think that the new website is awesome! We even saw ourselves in some of the photos.

  31. I like your new website but I love the photos

  32. Looove the new website it’s 1 billion times better than the old one

  33. Hey Guys Remember last year? It’s me Troy I miss everyone but I miss Mrs Kurdi the most because she was amazing when I was in year 6 I’m having a bit of fun in my new school. But I might move to North London Say hello to Mrs Kurdi for me.

  34. I love the new website especially the photos ( I’m in the pe one )



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