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Natural Disaster workshop
The year 3 classes, along with Tigers class, took part in a very exciting Natural Disaster workshop at school on Thursday. The children had a very hands on experience learning about earthquakes and Volcanoes. They loved the workshop and learnt lots of new interesting facts.

Earthquake Survivor interviews

As part of our natural disaster topic, children took part in some role play. They created well thought through questions that they would ask an earthquake survivor, they then had the chance to practice and present these questions in an interview format. The children seemed to really enjoy this activity and came up with some great questions.


Earthquake Padlet
Here is a quick link to the Padlet that we have been working on in computing class.
Why not add some more interesting facts about Earthquakes that you have learnt.

Dear Parents please take time to read our classes’ newsletter and you will find out more about our learning this Spring first half term!

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