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Last week, students from the Year 6 Foxes class came to Snowdrops to help with Guided Reading. The year 6 students helped the year 1’s with reading a book and then played various reading games. The year 6’s loved the responsibility of teaching the younger ones and the year 1’s really responded to being taught by older children. It was a really nice morning.

As a part of our PSHE topic, year 1 went to Chiswick RNLI to learn about water safety. They learnt what to do if they ever found themselves or someone else in danger in the water. The RNLI volunteers went out on their rescue boat and dropped a dummy named Fred into the water. Snowdrops watched as the current took Fred down the Thames. They screamed for help so the coastguards could hear them and save his life.

Snowdrops enjoying a tasty treat after an exciting day at Sports Day. Everyone tried their best and showed an impressive amount of sportsmanship and team spirit! Well done Year 1!

For our topic Animal Allsorts, year 1 went to The Holly Lodge at Richmond Park. We attended an educational session where we looked for vertebrate and invertebrate in their natural habitat. We built a Yellow Ant home, pond dipped for tadpoles and caught invertebrates such as Woodlouse, worms, slugs and spiders. After our session we did some observational drawings of the tree line then used water colours to paint it. It was a fantastic day of outdoor learning!

To finish off our maths topic on fractions, we made a pizza! We used one whole tablespoon of tomato paste, halved the peppers and mushrooms and quartered the courgette. Finally we halved the pizza and shared it with each other. We now know how to cook with fractions!

Snowdrops have been learning about Hindu symbols in RE. We looked closely at the lotus flower and its meaning. Untouched by the impurity, the lotus symbolises the purity of heart and mind. The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty.

We made these origami lotus flowers to remind us to always be kind, honest people, to rise above any murky waters that may be around us in life. Snowdrops strive to become beautiful lotus flowers.

Our celebration for International Day.

We started Summer 1 term by visiting The Natural History Museum. The children have begun their topic, Animal Allsorts. The children went and visited the dinosaur and mammal room. The focus for the trip was identifying and finding different mammals. The children were able to identify if the mammals were carnivores, omnivores or herbivores. The children had a thoroughly fun day out and they even managed to find the very famous Guy the Gorilla who lives in the museum.


This is Year 1’s Talk for Writing story map. We have learnt the story of Farmer Duck off by heart using these illustrations and actions.


This week year 1 designed and made animal finger puppets. Snowdrops learnt how to use a needle and thread to sew two pieces of felt together and then decorated the puppet using their own designs.


Click here to see a video of the drama workshop Snowdrops participated in.

To kick off Spring 2 in Snowdrops went to The National gallery. This half term our topic is The Potting Shed. We are focusing on plants and for the trip our main focus was ‘Sunflowers’ by Van Gogh. The children went around the gallery and read their booklet clues to find the four different paintings they have been and will continue to learn about this half term. The children learnt how to sketch sunflowers and have completed observational drawing of daffodils and tulips. They have been writing about various seeds using their senses.

Click here to see Snowdrops using adjectives to describe a seed.

During our book week we had parents from our class come to Snowdrops class and read.


Click  here to see a snippet of the play we went to see during Book Week:
Year 1 did a freezing and melting experiment this week. We froze different liquids and hypothesized which substance would melt first after freezing. We found that the tea, milk and orange juice all took longer to melt than the ketchup, soap and mint sauce.

In Maths this week we have started looking at making numbers with place value blocks. The students are made numbers to 50 with tens and ones.

Our unit in PE this term is Starry Sky’s. Snowdrops were pretending to be aliens. We made some interesting alien shapes with our bodies and worked on balance and mirroring.;

Year 1 have been learning about addition. We played the game ‘Race to…’. Students versed each other by rolling a die and adding on to their previous number. The first one to 20, 30 or 50 was the winner.

Snowdrops learnt to program the Bee Bots during ICT today. The challenge was to try and program the toy so it would travel from one country to another. It’s harder than it looks!
‘Click here to see Snowdrops using the Bee Bots’



On Australia Day, Snowdrops learnt a bit more about Miss M’s home country. They learnt the song ‘Kukaburra Sits on the Old Gumtree’, made Aboriginal inspired art and some delicious fairy bread. Ask one of our students what a kukaburra sounds like… your sure to get a laugh!

KS1 took part in World RE Day on Friday 19th January. The children visited each KS1 classroom, learning a different story with each different teacher from a different religion. The children contributed to a Tree of Serenity for the school library, baked tasty bread, designed helping hands coupons and created kindness crowns. What an exciting and busy day they had!

In Spring 2 we had an assembly presented by the NSPCC. They spoke to children about what they should do if they are feeling worried or nervous about something. The children came up with a good list of adults they can ask for help at school and at home. The children met buddy the mascot, he helps children to know that they should always feel safe wherever they are.

Last week Snowdrops went on a trip to the local post office. We bought stamps and sent letter to a school in Norway asking them all about life in the Arctic.


In English we have been learning the story of Cinderella. We created this story map with actions to learn the whole story off my heart. We then made a small world to help us retell our story.


Snowdrops assembly – The Fairy-tale Courtroom.

The Three Little Pigs vs Big Bad Wolf. Fulham Primary voted that Mr Wolf was guilty of blowing two houses down and trying to eat the three little pigs.



This term we have been learning about different kinds of celebrations. In this lesson we learned about Diwali, ‘The Festival of Lights’.
We made our lanterns to symbolise the triumph of light over darkness.

Snowdrops’ science topic this term has been Seasonal Changes. We have been investigating the signs of Autumn. We went on an Autumn walk and discovered many different coloured leaves and talked about how the trees lose their leaves in Autumn. We have been looking at the weather. We made a rain gauge to measure rainfall, a weather vane to find the wind direct and used a thermometer to measure the temperature.


Here are some photo’s from Snowdrops and Buttercups excursion to the Urban Studies Project room. Snowdrops and Buttercups went with Moya from Urban Studies Project to look at models of the new development and construction happening in Earls Court. They saw comparisons of buildings over the last century and what will be planned for the future for Earls  Court and London.
This trip involved walking around the local area looking at what materials buildings and structures were made out of.


Year 1 Black History Month Nigerian Song
Year 1  have learnt about Nigerian culture during Black History month. The girls made Nigerian jewellery and the boys made traditional ceremonial head wear. We made Okra and Ogbono soup and learnt song called E Sare Wa (Come Quickly and See).

E sare wa (Come quickly and see)
E sare wa (come quickly and see)
E wa wo o (come and see)
E wa wi eniyan (come and see people)
Ti won jo o (They are dancing)