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During DT this term, Year 1 Snowdrops learnt to sew. They designed their own animal puppets and brought them to life!

Dear Parents please take time to read our classes’ newsletter and you will find out more about our learning this Summer first half term!

Newsletter Summer 1

Year 1 had a really exciting bookweek. Our parents came to read to the students, we learnt how to use a library and we went to watch an interactive theatre production. We also made a beautiful display for our book ‘The Tiny Seed’ and drew illustrations to the story ‘The Mystery at Fulham Primary School’.


During dance this week, Snowdrops learnt how to make shapes with streamers. We practised different movements to music and in small groups all the children made up their very own dance.

Snowdrops’ experiment this term was to watch how quickly different liquids would melt after being frozen. We froze milk, soap, tea, vinegar, orange juice and ketchup. We watched them melt throughout the day. Can you see which one melted first?


Today year 5 presented their Dragons Den projects to year 1. They read their story books to small groups and asked for their feedback to help improve their product. Snowdrops loved all the amazing stories.

Today Snowdrops learnt how to represent numbers using MAB blocks. We divided numbers into tens and ones using these blocks.

Snowdrops’ science topic this term has been Seasonal Changes. We have been investigating the signs of Autumn. We went on an Autumn walk and discovered many different coloured leaves and talked about how the trees lose their leaves in Autumn. We have been looking at the weather. We made a rain gauge to measure rainfall, a weather vane to find the wind direct and used a thermometer to measure the temperature.


Year 1 went to a film festival at Vue Fulham Broadway Cinemas to see Tad The Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas.

This was Snowdrops’ launch day for their topic ‘The Big Build’. We dressed up as builders and had a whole day of building. Miss Graham was junk modelling – students had to make a house for the three little pigs to hide from the Big Bad Wolf.
Miss Giles was teaching the children about frame structures and shell structures. They were experimenting with different joining materials to make a strong structure that could withstand the wind. They designed their own frame structure using marshmallows and sticks.
With Miss M, the students had an architect challenge. They were given plastic cups, lolly sticks and cubes to make the tallest and strongest tower. The students worked out that the bigger and wider the base, the taller they could make their building without it falling over.

We have been learning about the value and importance of ‘respect’ Here is our class contract of what we promise to do this year.

Our Topic this Term

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Trip – Deen City Farm Permission

Year 1 have been completing some fantastic homework activities. Here we have Lucas, Tyreece, Finn and Sumaiya’s homework. We love to see different learning experiences happening at home!


This term we are looking at place value in maths. We have learnt how to order and write numbers from 0 to 10, as well as count forwards and backwards. We painted with water all over the playground to practise our numbers.
Year 1 have been doing many different hands on learning experiences for writing. We have blew bubbles, made play dough and tasted popcorn. Check it out!

Year 1 have been learning about different types of materials. This week we went on a walk around fulham/West Brompton area to identify the different materials we could find. We also learnt about what materials were waterproof!

In our first maths lesson of the year, we discussed how we could sort objects in different ways. We sorted them into colours, face shape, curved or flat edges, and shapes with apexes.


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