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Goodbye Year 6

It’s been such an incredible year and we have so many fantastic memories but, sadly, it must come to an end. We had to commemorate with a few final pshots of us as a class, as a year group and even a few of those crazy teachers acting up again (honestly, you can’t trust them to keep a straight face can you?).

We’ve had a blast and now, we wish all of our Owl Alumni (and Mr. Boakye) good luck on their future adventures!

And, as we come to the end of the year, it’s of course time to upload the final few pictures that didn’t quite fit in any of our previous posts. Here are a few shots from around the school and classroom, ranging from writing projects to Mr. B’s angle-antics to incorporate yoga into maths lessons (trust us, it works!).

Wednesday 18th July 2018 – Year 6 Prom

It’s been such an amazing year and so we had to end it with a bang: music, dancing and great food – we even had a cake with all of our faces on it. We have had so much fun and made so many incredible memories this year but all good things must come to an end. Boys and girls, it has been a pleasure and all of us in Owls’ Class and Fulham Primary School are so proud of you. We will miss you all.

Tuesday 17th July 2018 – Staff vs. Year 6 Football Matches

As many of you will know, here at Fulham Primary School we have an annual tradition of hosting a Staff vs. Year 6 football match, and this year was no different. Mr. Hopper captained the Staff Team to a close fought 3-2 victory and fun was had by all – even the onlookers!

Tuesday 10th July 2018 – Owls’ Pizza Express Visit

What a way to start the day! We’ve been making Pizza as part of our Post-SATs celebrations and the class did a great job! The restaurant manager, as well as members of his kitchen staff, took time out of their busy schedules to teach the Owls about the pizza making process and answer any questions they had before taking them through a mini masterclass. Naturally, we all enjoyed eating the pizzas as much as we enjoyed making them!

Have a look at the children hard at work below – we have some future chefs right here!

Friday 29th June 2018 – Year 6 Sleepover & Water Fight

It’s the end of year so we had to have some extra fun! How better to celebrate the beautiful sunshine and hot weather than to get water balloons and hurl them at Mr. Boakye?

As for the Sleepover, well, it was a fantastic afternoon of fun and games, pizza and memory making for all… and a late night too! It was amazing that the children still had energy on Saturday morning!

Tuesday 19th June 2018 – Thorpe Park Trip

Talk about a fun day! A big thanks goes to the Fantastic Mr. Feltham for arranging this amazing trip to Thorpe Park. It was a super exciting experience and fun was had by all – just look at those big smiles!

Oh, and don’t worry… We made sure that Mr. Boakye got SOAKED!

Thursday 14th June 2018 – Green for Grenfell

Today marks the one-year anniversary of an event that had a huge impact on our community: the devastating fire that befell Grenfell Tower. Here, at Fulham Primary School, the children wore green to commemorate the occasion and donated money to the fundraising effort – something that the children were very proud to be a part of.

Friday 25th May 2018 – Making Avocado Truffles

Today, the Owls were busy making healthy, Vegan-friendly avocado truffles – a healthy but sweet treat that everyone could enjoy. Check out the pictures below and be sure to read (And watch) the reviews that we received! Would you like to try one too?

Here’s what one pupil wrote about this fantastic concoction:

Rating: ****
“When I took a bite of the delicately smooth and chocolatey truffle, a burst of flavour exploded into my mouth. The richness of the avocado complimented the decadent chocolate perfectly – and you won’t believe how much it costs! Although these truffles tasted absolutely delicious, personally, I didn’t enjoy the chunks of avocado in the truffles. But, overall, the uniqunesss of the dish really impressed me and that’s why I rated this dish 4 stars”

I guess we have some room for refinement!

Tuesday 22nd May 2018 – Visit to the Hilton Hotel

Thursday 11th March 2018 – Book Week Reading Relay

If there’s one thing we love about Book Week, other than all the reading, the dressing up and generally getting to enjoy everything reading related… it’s the Reading Race! Teachers dressed as fictional characters running around the school trying to read as quickly and dramatically as possible – what more could you possibly want?

We didn’t manage to get too many photos of the class… but we did catch a few of Mr. Boa… We mean of Wally, dramatically reading around the school… Enjoy!

Monday 26th February 2018 – Making Cartouches

As part of our ongoing studies on the ancient Egyptians, Owls have been making clay cartouches – nameplates said to protect the person whose name was carved into it using hieroglyphics. Have a look at their beautiful work below – can you decipher the hieroglyphs?

Tuesday 20th February 2018 – SATs Parents’ Meeting

On Tuesday 20th February Year 6 had parents meeting about SATs 2018. Here is the presentation that Mrs Rankin prepared and was shown that morning:

SATs Parents meeting 2018

Heart Dissection

In Year 6 our science topic this term is ‘Animals Including Humans.’ This week in Owls and Foxes we dissected a lamb’s heart to help us identify the different parts of the heart and understand better how the heart works.

IntoUniversity Focus Week

This week the Owls’ class is visiting IntoUniversity for their focus week on the ancient Egyptians. They are hard at work learning about hierarchy in ancient Egypt, the geography of the land, pyramids and hieroglyphics.

Friday 15th December 2017 – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from Owls’ Class!

Wednesday 13th December 2017 – Goodbye David!

After just four months we are very sad to say goodbye to David who is returning in America with his family. He has made himself part of the Owls’ family and we know that he will stay in touch with many friends that he had made here at Fulham Primary School. Stay in touch, David – you will be missed!

Friday 29th September – First 40/40s on the Arithmetic Tests

Just a short one! It may be only Autumn Term 1 but we’ve already had two of our little Owls scoring full marks on their practice Arithmetic Tests. Bring on the SATs eh?

School Journey Week

This week, Year 6 took part in the annual residential trip to Treginnis Isaf on the West coast of Wales, as part of their School Journey. It was a fantastic experience, living and working on a farm as well as visiting the local town of St. Davids. We all had a fantastic time and many treasured memories were made. After a whole week of cleaning the animals, feeding them, picking vegetables, chopping wood and even making our own dinners, we are glad to be home but will be missing the entire Treginnis family. We would also like to say a huge thanks to Farms for City Children for making this possible!