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Quiz Masters

We have been learning our countries and capitals and have been making some just online quizzes for our friends to try out. Have a good at some of our practice quizzes and see how many you score. We are going to debug our quizzes next week as they need a few tweaks!


Making Shapes

Meerkats have been investigating 3D shapes this week – we have been challenging ourselves to make some very unusual 3D shapes and to design our own more complex 3D shape nets. It was fiddly work, but we don’t mind a challenge.

Reversible and Irreversible Changes
We had a really interesting afternoon learning about reversible and irreversible changes in science. We investigated with salt, water, milk, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, candles and even some hair (!). Meerkats had some really interesting questions and suggestions about the reactants, products and processes. Did you know you can make a type of plastic when you mix vinegar with milk?!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Assembly

Please click here to watch our video!
Hurrah, we finally got the assembly onto youtube. We worked so hard on this assembly, writing the script and making props. We hope we did Roald Dahl’s original story justice! Turn your speakers up as the sound is quite quiet.


Ten of the Meerkats were selected to participate in this year’s H&F QuadKids. The event was made up of running, jumping and throwing competitions. Marci absolutely smashed the 600m race at the end, coming third (600m is a long way!). Good job guys!


We had a great morning out at Wagamamas in Fulham last week. We tried lots of unusual ingredients and prepared our own healthy noodle lunch. Have a try cooking something similar at home.


At IntoUniversity, we had to role play a traditional folk tale from Nigeria called Why the Sky is So Far. Have a look at the video!


We had an amazing day at IntoUniversity, learning more about what life is like to study at university. We worked brilliantly in our teams and really focused on our tasks. Staff at IntoUniversity praised us highly for our super attitudes and behaviour all day!

International Day Parade

We loved joining in with our annual International Day celebrations. This year, our focus was the Caribbean and we paraded our carnival, with the whole school, through Fulham. It was great fun showing off our costumes and also walking with reception gave us the opportunity to show what brilliant role models we have become. Great job guys! :)

Dear Parents please take time to read our classes’ newsletter and you will find out more about our learning this Summer first half term!

Newsletter- Summer 1

D&T : Costumes for International Day Carnival Parade

We have been busy this week preparing our costumes for our parade through Fulham next week! Make sure you pop down to North End Road to catch a glimpse of the whole school representing the Caribbean.

Review of Spring 2

I can’t believe how quickly Spring term went by, not long to go until Year 6! We had a great time in Spring and learned so much.

Knife Crime Workshop

Yesterday, the police came into school to deliver a workshop about knife crime. They shared lots of facts and information about keeping safe and making good choices as we progress onto secondary school. We will be having a few more visits over the next few months from the police and look forward to finding out more.


Easter Assembly

Mrs Drury organised a brilliant Easter Assembly this morning which Sohail and Marci led. There were lots of egg-sellent jokes and some beautiful singing. They made us very proud. Well done guys!


IntoUniversity – What is a University?

We had a great morning this morning learning all about Universities and how they work. We came away thinking about the huge range of possibilities in our futures. We found out about the different locations of universities in the UK and what type of accommodation we might end up in. Some of the courses (and potential jobs) we were interested in were: medicine (doctor), sports science (footballer), maths (engineer) and science with a PGCE (teacher). We also looked at some different clubs and societies we’d like to get involved in – some of our ideas were a sewing club, french cheese appreciation society, a camping club and a society to help homeless people in other countries.

Kindness Day(s)

We have had such a lovely few days working on being kinder at school and at home. Over the past 2 days, we have participated in a huge range of kind activities: appreciation letters to people in our community such as doctors, fire fighters, TfL workers, teachers to name a few, baked afternoon tea for our local care home (Farm Lane), helped Nursery at lunchtime to make healthy choices, use their manners and their knives and forks properly, cleared the Nature Lab with Kathy, decorated the hall for Mother’s Day, made packed lunches for some homeless people around Fulham, listened to lots of EYFS and KS1 children reading, the list goes on… And to top it all off, the children continued thinking about kindness at home; helping with babies brothers and sisters, cooking dinner or making breakfast for parents, sharing treats… Hopefully, reflecting on all these kind deeds we have been doing will remind us what great people we are becoming and encourage us to do more of the same as we grow up.

Dancing Queen

It was brilliant to see Summer perform as part of her dance club this morning in assembly. Her team were the divas and she was fantastic. Summer has definitely inspired some of us to join the dance club next term!

Reading Role Models

These two boys can’t put down their reading books – Aydane read 7 chapters in one day as he was enjoying his book so much! And Adam has been flying through his reading books recently. Good job guys!

Equivalent Fractions and Decimals
We have been working on fractions for so long, we are now ready to move onto decimals and comparing them. We raced to match sets of decimals and fractions this morning in maths – with great success!


Life Cycles of Amphibians and Insects

We have been comparing life cycles of amphibians and insects – watch these videos again!

Butterfly life cycle:

Salamander life cycle:

Kindness Homework
Next week, we are going to be having a random acts of kindness day. Add some ideas to our Padlet of kind things we could do.

Dragon’s Den Rehearsal

This afternoon our finalists presented their pop-up books to the rest of KS2. They did a great job and it was super practice for the final tomorrow at Queen’s Manor! Good luck to the two Meerkats teams – you will do us proud tomorrow. And well done to all the other children who have helped them along the way.

Plant Journeys
For Science Day, we began looking at life journeys of living things. We dissected some lily flowers to look at the different reproductive parts and discovered how pollination happens.

Fraction Word Problem Hunt

We are happy to get back to doing more math now that Book Week is over! We had to find 10 fraction based word problems around the classroom, as quickly as we could, convert them into a number sentence and solve them.

World Book Day

We had a great day celebrating World Book Day. Portia’s illustration workshop, using white chalk and black paper was brilliant, we paraded for our parents, saw some shocking CCTV footage of Ms Schooneman being abducted by aliens in assembly, participated in a drawing- relay and worked towards finishing our own illustrated books. Phew! Our costumes were brilliant, especially a few children who dressed as illustrators!


Iron Man Art – Part 2

Now that our watercolour backgrounds are dry, we have been *trying* to cut out silhouettes of the Iron Man – which has proved very tricky! Practise cutting out some ‘pictures’ at home.

Book Week – The Iron Man Artwork

We spent the afternoon working with watercolours to create some ‘foreboding’ background for our Iron Man silhouettes, which we will complete later in the week. We enjoyed using a range of colours, water, brushes and tissues to create drama and tension through art, as is created through the text in the book. We will display our artwork in the stairwell in a few weeks – make sure you check them out!


Curious about Books

As usual, Meerkats super curious: how books are made, how authors and illustrators work and what publishers do.

Here are a few videos which might answer some of your questions:

How book are mass produced

How books were ‘invented’ and evolved into what we now love

What does an illustrator think about when illustrating a book

Beginning of Book Week

As our Book Week theme at school is illustration this year, we spent the last part of the afternoon looking through lots of lovely illustrated books; some very familiar and some less so. We tried to identify what illustration technique has been deployed as well as which medium the illustrator had used – it was really hard! But we were inspired none the less (and enjoyed reading some stories from previous school years).


Investigating Animals

We spent the afternoon finding out about some less familar animals, thinking about these questions:
Does it move?
How does it move?
Why does it need to move?
What does it eat?
How does it find it’s food?
Why does it need to eat?
Where does it rest?
What does it respond to?
How does it change during its life?
How does it get rid of materials it doesn’t need?
How can it reproduce?
We then explored how these animals were similar to one another and how they were different.
We found out some really interesting facts! Ask someone from Meerkats to share a fact with you.

Dear Parents please take time to read our classes’ newsletter and you will find out more about our learning this Spring second half term!

Newsletter- Spring 2

Also here is our Spring Homework Grid grid and  spelling list for this term 2nd Spring spellings

Excel Excitement

We have had a great first morning back at school, investigating formulas on Excel. We discussed the importance of being able to do arithmetic on paper but also how huge companies can benefit from using spreadsheets to solve lots of maths problems very quickly. We played around with some simple formulas and their application in real life scenarios.


Spring 1 – Review

What a super busy half term we have had! We had a great time together, but still have some similar targets coming through. Nothing changes if we don’t make a change! Let’s persevere with these targets in Spring 2.


Trip to the British Library
Meerkats had an amazing day at the British Library! We went into the British Library Treasures room which was filled with some of the most precious books in the World. We saw books about King Arthur, Samuel Pepys, beautifully illustrated books from around the world and some incredible maps. But what we went to see was Captain Scott’s diary which was discovered by his perished body in Antarctica. Although the diary looks very unassuming, we were blown away by its significance to our nation. We re-read our extracts and tried to comprehend what it would have been like to be in Scott and his crew’s situation.

Anne Frank           

This week, in English we have been looking at some different examples of diaries, which opened up a huge discussion about Anne Frank and her life during World War II. Have another look at this video to understand a little more about her life.

Click here to see Anna Frank’s video diary!

Meerkat’s Homework

As a part of this week’s homework, watch this short documentary about Shackleton and his expedition!

British Library Trip
On Tuesday 12th February, Meerkats will be going on a trip to the British Library at King’s Cross to learn more about Captain Scott’s Diary. We will be linking our visit to our English and topic work, learning about Polar Explorers. For more information please click here!

Maritime Museum in Greenwich
We had a great day, visiting the Maritime Museum in Greenwich. Highlights included quizzes on the giant map about continents, countries and capitals (tricky!), seeing items that belonged to Captain Shackleton and Captain Scott in the Polar Explorers exhibit and finding out more about Tudor exploration around the globe. We also got a chance to see the Cutty Sark and ride the DLR through Canary Wharf – some of us fancy working there when we are older!

Frozen Planet Homework(!)

This week, we have been talking a lot about Antarctica. As a part of your homework, watch some of Frozen Planet to find out a little more about conditions there. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Please click on the photo for the link:

Meerkats Class Assembly

Have a look at our Class Assembly all about honesty. We have been working to project our voice. Are you impressed with our acting?

Misconceptions in Maths

Once again, we have been working together to solve our misconceptions in Meerkats Class. Children have been working on using the compact column method for multiplying 3 digit numbers by 2 digit number and it has been a little bit confusing for some of us! We stayed calm and worked together though… And now we are much more confident!

PE with Coach Kieron
This half term, we are lucky enough to be working with Coach Kieron in PE. Last week, we were working on building up basic ball skills, such as aiming and passing.

Shackleton’s Life Padlet
Part of this week’s homework is to research more about Shackleton’s Life.

Here is the link to our new Padlet. Add information using the appropriate subheading: Early Life, Education, Career, Achievements, Later Life, Death, Legacy Put your name in brackets at the end of your information. Try to find information that hasn’t already been added!​

We will review this next week and use it to support our biography writing.

On Friday 18th January 2019, Meerkats Class will be visiting the National Maritime Museum in Greenwhich. The purpose of this visit is to complement this terms topic on the North and South Poles and also to support our studies on the adventures of Shackleton.
Please click here for more information and the trip letter.

Dear Parents please take time to read our classes’ newsletter and you will find out more about our learning this Spring first half term!

Newsletter- Spring 1

Also here is our  Y5 SpringTerm Homework  grid and  spelling list for this term 1st Spring spellings.

Superstars of Autumn 2

Well done to our award winners of autumn 2. These children collected the most house points each week and their prize (along with pride and glory) was a pizza party at lunchtime! How will you ensure you win next half term? I wonder what our prize will be…

Autumn 2 Reflection

Autumn 2 was a super busy half term – we did so much! We have reflected on the positives and things we want to improve in spring.

Science – Day, Night and Shadows
​We went outside into the playground to observe how our shadows change over the day and the position of the sun. Our shadows were really long because of the low winter sun. The shadows shortened as the time got closer to mid-day. In the afternoon the shadows became longer again before disappearing altogether due to the sun setting behind the houses (it get dark super early in the winter).

Misconceptions in Maths
​We have been practising multiplying 2 2digit numbers using the compact method in maths. The children who were feeling super confident have been the teachers today, addressing their friend’s misconceptions. They had a quick training session beforehand and then taught the maths lesson themselves. Research shows the best way to consolidate learning is to teach it to someone else! Keep up the hard (and helpful) work guys!

Our Class trip to the Science Museum Monday 3rd December

Today, we visited the Science Museum today at South Kensington. We went to look at the Exploring Space exhibition. We found lots of different types of rockets, a life size model of the landing module that landed on the moon along with some amazing ideas for the future of space travel. We all had our own notebook for sketching and jotting down interesting information we found out.

Scratch Coding in ICT with Mr Black

Mr Black has been showing us how to code our own space games, using Scratch. We have been learning the language of coding and using this to help program our games. It’s a little tricky and there is lots of problems solving and some trial and error involved. Don’t forget – Scratch is a free website that ANYONE can use – why don’t you have a go at home?

Here is the link:

Landscape Layers

Continuing our study of van Gogh, today we learned about the layers within a landscape. We used different coloured pieces of card to form a background, mid-ground and foreground of a landscape image of Conwy Castle in North Wales. It was extra tricky as we were only allowed one piece of card for each layer! Have a look at our attempst!

Meerkats Class had a great morning out today at the Into Film Festival (partially for Miss Layton’s birthday!). We watched The Greatest Showman which is a brilliant film all about accepting yourself, no matter your shape, size, colour or background. We definitely recommend a view!

Newest Padlet!

A new Padlet has been set up for you to leave your reviews of Cosmic. Let me know what you think of our class text! What might happen next? Who is your favourite character? Who would you recommend this book too?


House of Illustration

Meerkats had a brilliant day out to the House of Illustration this week, despite the horrendous weather! Located behind King’s Cross Station, the gallery contains a few small exhibitions of work, including Questin Blake’s illustrations. We participated in a workshop, learning how to create pop up artwork, which will help us when we compete in the Dragon’s Den contest against the other Brightwells Schools. Our pop up theme was space; we took inspiration from Planet Pandora, our own solar system and the lunar phases for our artwork.


Meerkats Class had a great session with professional 400m runner Jamal Rhodden- Stevens. He really put us through our paces with a quick athletics warm up session on the playground with Leopards and Foxes Classes. He was super inspirational, speaking to us about not giving up and having a growth mindset towards life. We look forward to watching him race in the Tokyo Olympics!

Shared Reading Afternoon

Meerkats and Poppies Class got together on Friday afternoon to share some of their favourite books together. They accessed our lovely school library and book corners to choose some of their top titles!

Starry Night by Van Gogh

Meerkats have begun a study of van Gogh’s Starry Night. We looked in depth at the famous painting before using acrylics to create our own starry night skies. We mixed our own shades and used brushes and palette knives to build texture.

Here are some photos from our maths / science cross curricular lesson from yesterday. Our topic this term is SPACE.

Year 5 Meerkats and Leopards measured and created drawings of the Sun and planets to scale. We also calculated the distance
of each planet from the sun to to scale to help us visualize the size of our Solar System.

Dear Parents here is the letter for our coming class trips:

Class trips letter

This week we have been finding out about the fictional planet Pandora. This is our hot seating session.

Autumn 2 spelling words

Non- Chronological Report Writing

Watch the Pandora video to find out some information about Pandora:

Use our new Y5 Padlet to add your research:

Autumn 1 Reflection

We have looked back at all the wonderful things we have done together over this half term and set ourselves some targets for next half term. Keep up the hard work guys, have a lovely half term holiday and we will see you back in class in a week!

Meerkats take on Odysseus and the Cyclops

Watch our fantastic production of Odysseus and the Cyclops!

We have been learning about play scripts. The children have used time during guided reading and English to rehearse their lines, with expression and tone.

Meerkats Class enjoyed having a go at skateboarding today with Skates & Ladders. They came to talk to us about Skateboarding becoming an Olympic sport in 2020: Tokyo. Some of the children got to have a go too! ​

Wow, what a lot of fun we have had this half term. Our Grecian- inspired pots have been finished as have our information texts that we have been working on in ICT. Check out all of our hard word. We are super proud of ourselves.


Meerkats have been reporting on a shocking attack of a poor, defenseless Cyclops last night, in his hill-side cave. The men are now on the run from police. Read the reports below!

Investigating Forces

Meerkats donned their science lab coats this morning to investigate air resistance. We had a variety of predictions as to which parachute would be the slowest. We found out that the larger the parachute, the slower it falls, due to the air resistance having a bigger affect on the larger surface area.

Meerkats began work on their Grecian pots this week, using clay. They were inspired by their recent visit to the British Museum as well as experimenting with Playdoh on our Greek topic launch day. Check back soon to see what they end up looking like, once dried and painted!

The Adventures of Odysseus

We are really enjoying our class text in Y5; The Adventures of Odysseus. It is based on the ridiculously famous, well- loved, Ancient Greek epic poem Illiad and the Odyssey by Homer. We have been following the trials and tribulations of our hero, Odysseus, who is on a quest back to his family and home on the island of Ithaca.

If you haven’t got your copy yet, you can spend your pocket money wisely and get yourself one by following this link to

To make it cheaper, why not get a used copy? Just as good as a brand new book AND you are helping to save our planet by recycling!

Y5 were lucky enough to have a ‘Back to School’ training session with Chelsea Football Club recently. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, Cesar Azpilicueta, popped by to join in and donate some new PE resources to Fulham Primary. The children were delighted, once their initial shock has subsided! We’d like to say a huge thank you to Chelsea Football Club for their ongoing support to FPS. We look forward to seeing them again soon.

Check out Chelsea’s report on the visit, on their website:

Please use the new Y5 Padlet to share what you have learned so far in Y5. We will review this before half term. Add in anything you aren’t quite sure about too! Use your name as the title.

 On Monday 24th September, Y5 visited the British Museum in Bloomsbury. They went to research ideas to inspire their own Grecian pottery work in class. They were particularly impressed with an enormous pot which could fit one of the Y5 children inside! It was a lovely, sunny day and because everyone had behaved so calmly and respectfully at the museum, the children had playtime in Russell Square before returning to Fulham on the tube.

Dear Parents  please take time to read our classes’ newsletter and you will find out more about our learning this Autumn first half term!

Newsletter- Autumn 1

As a part of our launch day, Y5 experimented with playdoh. They were trialling two different methods (pinching and coiling), in preparation for creating their Grecian pots, using clay. The children preferred different methods and a wide range of pot shapes. They are looking forward to creating their pots from clay in the coming weeks.