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On Tuesday 17th July, the year 4 Giraffes and year 2 Poppies did some buddy reading in the beautiful sunshine. The Giraffes brought some books from their reading corner and the Poppies took their new books with them to the playground. All the children really enjoyed reading together and listening to their peers.”

On Thursday 7th June the Poppies visited Buckingham Palace. We were even lucky enough to pass Westminster Abbey and have a run around in St James’ Park. After that we arrived at the Royal Mews which is where all the royal coaches, horses and cars are kept. We even met the special horses, Claudia and Storm, who pulled Queen Elizabeth II’s carriage at her birthday procession on the weekend. What an exciting trip it was!

KS1 took part in World RE Day on Friday 19th January. The children visited each KS1 classroom, learning a different story with each different teacher from a different religion. The children contributed to a Tree of Serenity for the school library, baked tasty bread, designed helping hands coupons and created kindness crowns. What an exciting and busy day they had!

On Friday 12th January, the Poppies and Bluebells visited the HMS Belfast near London Bridge to support their learning in our current  topic ‘The Titanic’. The HMS Belfast is a warship which was built by the same company as RMS Titanic. We explored many of the different levels and rooms to discover what life would have been like on a huge vessel like this.

‘Friday 19th January was RE Day at Fulham Primary School. All of year 1 and 2 spent 45 minutes with each KS1 teacher learning a story from Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity and Judaism with a moral such as sharing, helping others and putting others before yourself. In Miss Glenny’s lesson (Christianity) the Poppies learnt the parable of the Bread and the Fish and baked their own bread to share with their friends.’

In Spring 2 we had an assembly presented by the NSPCC. They spoke to children about what they should do if they are feeling worried or nervous about something. The children came up with a good list of adults they can ask for help at school and at home. The children met buddy the mascot, he helps children to know that they should always feel safe wherever they are.

On Wednesday 22nd November year 2 went on a trip to the City of London to have a look at some of the important landmarks of the Great Fire of London. We had a guided tour of St Paul’s Cathedral, walked to the Monument near Pudding Lane and visited the church where Samuel Pepys was buried. It was so interesting and we all had a great day.

This term the Poppies have been learning about the Great Fire of London and reasons why so many buildings burnt down. We went for a walk around our local area to have a look at the range of materials that different buildings are made from nowadays and what properties make them more suitable. We even designed our own!