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Autumn1 Midterm Plan Bluebells + Poppies

Poppies Pirate Day

Ohhh arrrrgh maties…Shiver me timbers!!!
Poppies had a fantastic fun-filled day dressing up as pirates and walking the plank! We also performed a superb class assembly showing all the things we have learned about Pirates and the history of piracy.

Ahoy there Cap’n, look at these pesky Poppy pirates! Those are a scary bunch.

class assembly 1

class assembly 2


National Science Museum


Amy Johnson

On 30th November the Poppies had a fun and enjoyable day visiting the National Science Museum as part of our Creative Curriculum topic “Flying High”. We learned about the history of flight and how the Wright Brothers influenced air travel today. We also had an exciting and interesting workshop where we learned about the first female pilot, Amy Johnson, who successfully flew solo from England to Australia in her beloved and trustworthy plane she affectionately named Jason.

What a spectacular day we all had!!!

Wright -Brothers

Ice Skating at Westfield

Poppies class went ice-skating on Friday 4th December for an end of term Christmas treat. We were joined by Bluebells and Meerkats… What a fun day had by all.
Even some of the parents showed off their “skills”!

Ice Skating
Group Photo
Ice rink
Fulham Primary