Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace
On Monday 13th May, the Poppies visited Buckingham Palace as we are learning about the Royal Family this half term. In the morning we walked past Westminster Abbey, where some important royal weddings and coronations have taken place, then had lunch in St James’s Park. We were even lucky enough to watch the guards practising Trooping the Colour at Horse Guards Parade for the Queen’s birthday in June! Afterwards we walked up to Buckingham Palace and watched Changing the Guard.
At the Royal Mews, a man named Roger showed us around the different coaches that are used for royal ceremonies and occasions. A particularly interesting coach was the Diamond Jubilee State Coach which is only 4 years old and has heating, electricity and a TV inside! We then met some Cleveland Bay horses called Zeno and Maryland. It was a fantastic day and we all learnt something new!

International Week
This year the theme for International Week at Fulham Primary was Caribbean Carnival! The Poppies learnt about the island of Martinique and designed headdresses using flowers such as rose de porcelaine, bougainvillea and hibiscus as inspiration. On Thursday 2nd of May we had a street parade around Fulham and wore our fabulous headdresses to share with the community. We had a party in the afternoon and many families brought food from countries all over the world. It was delicious!

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Science Day
Monday 11th March was Science Day at Fulham Primary. In year 2 we are learning about animals and their habitats this term so we took a trip to Sulivan School to visit their pond. We used pond dipping nets and trays to find out what kinds of minibeasts might live in, above and around a pond. It was so much fun!

World Book Week
This year the theme of World Book Week was illustration. The children had the opportunity to visit the local library, read with their parents at school, dress up as their favourite book character, participate in an illustration workshop with Portia, visit Sulivan School to watch and join in with a Pied Piper theatre performance as well as sketch and paint an Australian animal from Miss Glenny’s favourite book, Possum Magic, using watercolours. We had a fabulous week!

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Our clay models..


Poppies trip to Buddhapadipa Temple

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The children performed their Christmas show called ‘The Real Meaning of Christmas’. Here they are proud after a performance on stage. We have Mary, Joseph, the donkey and Angel Gabriel, 3 Kings, 3 Shepherds, Christmas tree decorators, Angels, Gospel Choir, Christmas shoppers and the Narrators. The children worked really hard to perform 3 sell out shows!

On Friday 23rd November, the Poppies went on a trip to St Paul’s Cathedral and the Monument to the Great Fire of London. We were able to walk through the grand cathedral which Sir Christopher Wren designed using stone because it is an inflammable material. We learnt that before the fire, the cathedral had a tall spire which was destroyed by lightning! Now it has a round dome which we were able to see from the inside. Christopher Wren wanted to build a cathedral which was beautiful, useful and strong after the fire, and we think he did a great job because it is still here after 350 years! We also had the chance to dress up as the baker Thomas Farriner, his maids and Samuel Pepys who wrote a diary describing the events of the Great Fire of London. After lunch we walked to the Monument. We walked up First St Hill and saw the famous Pudding lane where the fire started! We had a fantastic day and learnt a lot!


On Monday 12th November, the Poppies had a visit from the local fire station. They spoke to us about how they help people, ways that we can stay safe when there is a fire, and answered lots of questions that we had. Some of us were able to try on their special fireman uniforms which help them stay safe in a burning building. They were really heavy! We were even able to have a look at their fire engine and go inside it.

Shared Reading Afternoon

 Meerkats and Poppies Class got together on Friday afternoon to share some of their favourite books together. They accessed our lovely school library and book corners to choose some of their top titles! 



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Topic Launch Day: Virgin Active

On Monday 10th September the Poppies and Bluebells all dressed up as their favourite sports star or athlete​ and went to Virgin Active as part of our launch day for our new topic ‘What Do I Need to be Me?’. The children were able to participate in a mini tennis lesson and a circuit training class inside the gym. The instructors even gave a talk about healthy eating. We had a fantastic afternoon!​

National Gallery

On Friday 14th September the Poppies and Bluebells went on a trip to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. The children were able to explore the gallery and look at examples of still life and famous paintings. They even had a chance to sketch their own! It was a lovely day outside so everyone was able to eat their lunch and have a play in St James’s Park afterwards.

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