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Last week, students from the Year 6 Foxes class came to Snowdrops to help with Guided Reading. The year 6 students helped the year 1’s with reading a book and then played various reading games. The year 6’s loved the responsibility of teaching the younger ones and the year 1’s really responded to being taught by older children. It was a really nice morning.

On Tuesday 20th February Year 6 had parents meeting about SATs 2018. Here is the presentation that Mrs Rankin prepared and was shown that morning:

SATs Parents meeting 2018

In Year 6 our science topic this term is ‘Animals Including Humans.’ This week in Owls and Foxes we dissected a lamb’s heart to help us identify the different parts of the heart and understand better how the heart works.

Dear Parents/ Carers please enjoy viewing our class assembly
held 22nd September 2017!