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Week 3 of Summer 1 the children celebrated International week. Each year group was given a letter that when brought together in our whole school assembly spelt Fulham Primary. Our letter was L, representing languages. The children made ‘Hello Hats’ and as a class we learnt how to say hello in 8 different languages all of which are spoken by the children in the Buttercup Class.

We learnt hello in Kurdish, Arabic, Somali, Swahili, Spanish, French, Filipino and Burmese. On the Wednesday the children came dressed in traditional dress for the culture they came from or chose to represent. They tried different foods from a huge range of cultures as a whole school in the afternoon.

To continue our topic of animals the children in Year 1 went to the Natural History Museum. The focus of the trip was mammals but specifically looking at classifying carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. The children visited the dinosaur room, mammal room, bird walk and as part of the visit they had to find Guy the Gorilla. He is a special feature at the museum and the children have been learning about him and why he is so important.

The first two week of Summer 1 were spent learning the story of Farmer Duck. The children used talk for writing to help them learn the whole story off by heart. In the second week they changed a few of the characters and the ending of the story and rewrote it. The children used word banks to support them but this was mostly an independent piece of writing. Each child produced a published book of their work and designed a front cover and wrote a blurb on the back to match their story. the children are so proud of their work. Here are a few examples of their books.

For Summer 1 the Buttercup class have begun their Animal Allsorts topic by designing and making animal finger puppets. The children chose an animal, materials and tools needed to make it. You can see in the photos the children have cut the felt and sewn together to make the basic shape. Using glue they have cut and selected materials to make the features of their animal. They were thrilled with their finished product!


At the end of the Spring Term the children had their class assembly. They had been learning the story of Handa’s Surprise. The children made masks and used Talk for Writing to help them perform the story. They also sang several songs beautifully and shared stories of their trip to Kew Gardens and the National Gallery in Spring 2.


As part of our PE we track the children’s activity levels through out the week. As you can see the map is colour coded and all the red and yellow boxes of activity are points where activity is the highest and the green and blue and when activity is low. Its a great way to show the activity levels of your child’s day here at Fulham Primary School.

Year 1 went on a trip to Kew Gardens as part of their topic on Plants. The children went to see the Redwoods and spotted deciduous and evergreen trees. They found the Monkey Puzzle Tree and had a go at sketching this strange looking plant from Chile. They also checked off various native plants they spotted along the verges and pathways around Kew.

The children had lunch amongst the daffodils and played in the badgers set after their sandwiches. The trip was finished off with a visit to the treetop walk, nearly everyone made it to the top!

We celebrated a belated World Book on the 7th March. The Buttercup class made such a great effort to come up with a variety of costumes to wear. Here are a few from the day.

The Fulham Primary PTA organised a Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea for the children to celebrate. They provided jam, cream and scones for the children to enjoy in their classroom. the children made Mother’s day cards and were sent home with a daffodil for their Mum’s. Here are few photos from the afternoon.

On the 27th February it finally snowed in London. So the Buttercups class decided to make the most of it and get out in the snow during afternoon break. The children loved experiencing snow at playtime even though it was very chilly!

To finish the first week back of Spring 2 the children made and painted their clay sunflowers. The mixed yellow, white and brown to experiment with shades of sunflower colours. The children were really proud of the work they have produced.

To kick off Spring 2 in the Buttercup class we went to The National gallery. This half term our topic is The Potting Shed. We are focusing on plants and for the trip our main focus was ‘Sunflowers’ by Van Gogh. The children went around the gallery and read their booklet clues to find the four different paintings they have been and will continue to learn about this half term.

In Spring 2 the children have made clay sunflower inspired by the Van Gogh painting. The children learnt how to sketch sunflowers and have completed observational drawing of daffodils and tulips. They have been writing about various seeds using their senses. The children tried tasting different seeds and dissecting them from their shell and seeing what the seed looks like once opened.

The Buttercups have been learning about the Arctic. they have been looking at animals from the Arctic. The children cut, rolled and shaped the clay into various Arctic animals using a variety of tools and techniques.

KS1 took part in World RE Day on Friday 19th January. The children visited each KS1 classroom, learning a different story with each different teacher from a different religion. The children contributed to a Tree of Serenity for the school library, baked tasty bread, designed helping hands coupons and created kindness crowns. What an exciting and busy day they had!

In Spring 2 we had an assembly presented by the NSPCC. They spoke to children about what they should do if they are feeling worried or nervous about something. The children came up with a good list of adults they can ask for help at school and at home. The children met buddy the mascot, he helps children to know that they should always feel safe wherever they are.

Its Spring 1 and Buttercups have already got stuck in. This half term the topic is ‘Posting & Places’. We have been studying the Arctic and London and comparing life in both places. We are writing letters to a school in the Arctic circle in Norway. We wrote questions and have composed a letter to send to the children at the school. We took a trip to the Post Office to post our letter and to the sorting office in Fulham. The children really enjoyed learning about how letters travel to different places, they were so well behaved they received some free chocolates!

In the last few weeks of term the Year one children were busy rehearsing for our Christmas Show ‘Christmas Around the World’. Below is a photo of the Year 1 children dressed up in their costumes ready to perform!

Buttercups Class performed their class assembly to the school and parents, showcasing all their learning around celebrations. Here they are in their party hats performance.




In Autumn 2 in the Buttercup class we have been busy looking at Celebrations as our theme. We have been learning about the story of Diwali and made little lanterns. The children have also learnt about Poppy Day and made a giant class wreath and their own ones.

This half term we bought our own Christmas tree and decorated it with tinsel and reindeer food that we made to sell at the Christmas Fair.  We have also been learning about the differences between our Christmas now and in Victorian times. The children made their own Robin Christmas cards and leanrt about the significance of postmen being called a robin during that time.

We also made our own Victorian Christmas trees and looked at how they decorated their tree compared to how we do now.

In Art the children have been loooking at Artists that focus on Celebrations. We looked at an artist called Chidi Okoye from the USA, the painting we looked at was called ‘Jazz Time’. The children said his painting’s are very colourful and bright. The children learnt about primary colours and tested out how to make secondary colours using just red, yellow and blue.


This half term Buttercups have been learning the story of Cinderella through using Talk for Writing. The children drew this map of the story as a class and learnt story off by heart.

They also made little stick puppet characters and the setting of Cinderella, they then acted  the story in their groups together.



As part of Harvest the children looked at signs of Autumn they could find. We went an a walk of our local area and drew what we brought back using chalks, pastels and pencils.


Here are some photos of the children learning about Nigerian food, locating the country of  map of Africa and making Nigerian flags.