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Dear Parents please take time to read our classes’ newsletter and you will find out more about our learning this Summer first half term!

Newsletter Summer 1

Spring 2 has got off to a bouncing start. The children have celebrated a whole week of illustration as part of Book Week. We chose to learn about the illustrator Eric Carle. The children made collage paper and then cut out bits from it to make collage pictures of a chosen animal. This is how Eric does his illustrations, you can see their work in the stairwell.
The children visited the local Library in Fulham and Sulivan School for a story telling session about the Pied Piper. They also dressed up as book characters for World Book Day and Portia (our in house illustrator) ran an illustration workshop for the children. They drew with just black paper and white chalk and produced some superb drawings.
Week 3 the children have kicked off with Science Day Year 2 visited Sulivan again and went pond dipping. Our topic this half term is habitats so the children compared two local habitats. They also made world habitats out of a shoebox, they could choose either desert, jungle or the ocean. They learnt about food chains, predators, consumers and producers. Discovering how the balance needs to be correct in order for habitats to work and survive.

Dear Parents please take time to read our classes’ newsletter and you will find out more about our learning this Spring second half term!

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In Art during Spring 1 the children have been learning about making shades of blue. Our focus has been icebergs and the children have learnt about how to draw and then paint them mixing colours as they go. They have really enjoyed the process of this during our Art lesson over the last few weeks.

We have spent the last two weeks of Spring 1 making our own clay models of the titanic, check out their fantastic work!.

We have been on a trip to see a real ship in Spring 1 as part of our new topic the Titanic. The children went and explored HMS Belfast in London Bridge. They were thrilled to be able to sit in the captain’s seat and discover what happened to you if you didn’t follow the captain’s orders. Although the ship is a war ship it was built by the same company as the Titanic.


In Spring 1 the children are starting their topic of the Titanic. In Art the children have been sketching the captain of the ship using different techniques to shade as well as looking at proportion in their drawings. The children had a go at drawing Edward Smith (the captain) on their white boards first of all.

As part of our homework challenges for this term we set a task to make the Titanic. Three days later one child produced this amazing model, all made from recycled materials.

In Week 2 we celebrated World RE Day and looked at symbols and compared a Buddhist temple and a Church. We took a trip to St John’s Church in Fulham Broadway. Here you can see Mother Tina showing the children around the Church.

The children performed their Christmas show called ‘The Real Meaning of Christmas’. Here they are proud after a performance on stage. We have Mary, Joseph, the donkey and Angel Gabriel, 3 Kings, 3 Shepherds, Christmas tree decorators, Angels, Gospel Choir, Christmas shoppers and the Narrators. The children worked really hard to perform 3 sell out shows!

In Autumn 2 we have been busy starting our topic of The Great Fire of London! We have been learning about fire safety and how to keep safe in the home. The firefighters from Fulham Fire station came and paid the children a visit in class. During which they told us about their job, showed us their fire truck and equipment and answered heaps of questions the children had prepared.

In week 2 we had Maths Day, during the day the children started to learn their 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables using the Timetables Rockstars website. Each child came into school dress as rock stars including all the teaching staff. We took a walk to the local park and collected several leaves each. The children came back and measured to the nearest millimetre each leaf and then ordered them from shortest to longest.

The children have been raising money for a British sport and we had a special visit from a 400m runner recently called Jamal Rhoden-Stevens. He came into school and game us a talk about his sport and how he has had to persevere and show determination in order to get where he is today. He did a fitness session with each class and the school children raised over £700 for him.

As part of the Into Cinema program the children got a free trip to Fulham Broadway VUE cinema. The saw a film called Luis and the Aliens and loved it!


The end of Autumn 1 the children wrote and made healthy juice recipes. The children tested out various recipes and voted for the most popular ones to sell to the whole school on the last day of half term!
The children went on a trip to the juice bar in Whole Foods in Fulham. They tried out and tested juices to decide which ingredients they would put inside. They then went to the market on North End Road to purchase the produce from the greengrocers (they got a discount and saved £3.50).
The photos show the 4 different juices they made to sell at break time.

This half term the children have been reading the story The Twits by Roald Dahl in Guided Reading. In week 6 we looked at how the text describes the house and garden that The Twits live in. The children had to draw from the description what they thought it looked like.
Then they had to draw and design their own garden to keep people out. Here is a selection of some of the designs – so much creativity!

In Year 2 we have been learning about Black History Month. The children have been learning facts about The Windrush generation as part of this year’s commemorations. We have learnt about Mary Seacole and the children have tried and written about the different plants she used in order to treat soldiers during the war.

In week 6 we also took part in a whole school RE day. The focus this half term was Islam. The children learnt about what a mosque is and what you might typically find inside it. The also made moon and crescent symbols as you can see in the pictures.

As part of this half terms whole school values in PSHE we have been looking at RESPECT. The children have had two assemblies looking at how to respect each other in and around school and to look at respecting difference. The children in each KS1 class have each signed a class contract to show their dedication trying their best to be respectful at school.

This half term we are learning about life cycles in Science. The children have been looking at the different stages of a caterpillars life cycle. We have been watching our own caterpillars change into butterflies. We have sadly said goodbye to two but three are waiting to hatch!

The children have been revisiting the idea of primary and secondary colours. Each child had a go at mixing the primary colours to make different shades of a secondary colour of their choice. The colour spectrum that came out was quite impressive. Well done Bluebells.

This week the children in Year 2 have been learning about oral hygiene. They have had a go at brushing their teeth for 2 minutes using a timer. They learnt that you should brush twice a day after meal times. Here they are in action

Dear Parents please take time to read our classes’ newsletter and you will find out more about our learning this Autumn first half term!

Newsletter- Autumn 1

Topic Launch Day: Virgin Active
On Monday 10th September the Poppies and Bluebells all dressed up as their favourite sports star or athlete​ and went to Virgin Active as part of our launch day for our new topic ‘What Do I Need to be Me?’. The children were able to participate in a mini tennis lesson and a circuit training class inside the gym. The instructors even gave a talk about healthy eating. We had a fantastic afternoon!​

National Gallery
On Friday 14th September the Poppies and Bluebells went on a trip to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. The children were able to explore the gallery and look at examples of still life and famous paintings. They even had a chance to sketch their own! It was a lovely day outside so everyone was able to eat their lunch and have a play in St James’s Park afterwards.

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