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Come and watch our class assembly to find out what we have been learning about…

Here is our adventure story ‘ A Quest to West Brompton’… Can you spot the specific verbs and adverbs we used to enhance our sentences?

We have been doing lots of practical maths lessons in Y2 which has made our thinking about 3D shapes and fractions a little easier (and tastier!).

Here is a little video we made to show all our mums how amazing we think they are!

We were inspired by our visit to the V&A Museum in South Kensington to make our own clay pot artifact, imagining it was something found on the Titanic, at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. We designed, molded and decorated them before glazing.

Wow, what an awesome half term we had in Spring 1! Our topic was all about The Titanic and it’s perilous journey across the Atlantic Ocean. We wrote our own stories about a poor little boy on the voyage which are currently on display in our classroom. We learned all about the continents and oceans of the world (which lead to us becoming a little obsessed with maps and atlases!). As usual, we did some cooking, which included baking bread with Miss Glenny for World RE day. We were lucky enough to go on 2 class visits to the Ocean Liners exhibition at the V&A Museum along with a visit to HMS Belfast, a real life ship moored up in London. What’s going to be in store for Spring 2 we wonder?!

Bluebells have been learning all about the Titanic. We planned an investigation into how to melt an iceberg! We decided to test salt, sand and sugar and made predictions including ‘I think the sand will melt it the quickest because glass is made from sand and glass warms up the air in the classroom’, ‘I predict the salt will me

lt the iceberg fastest because salt is used to melt ice on the roads when it is cold’ and ‘I think the sand will melt the iceberg because sand is from a beach and the beach feels warm between my toes’. We carried out the investigation, watch the video to see what we found out.

Watch this space…..

Bluebells Class have been learning about melting and temperature in science. We imagined we were on board a ship heading straight for an iceberg! We tested salt, sugar, sand and ‘air’ to see which would melt the iceberg the quickest. We made a time lapse video of our investigation and recorded what we found out through drawings.

KS1 took part in World RE Day on Friday 19th January. The children visited each KS1 classroom, learning a different story with each different teacher from a different religion. The children contributed to a Tree of Serenity for the school library, baked tasty bread, designed helping hands coupons and created kindness crowns. What an exciting and busy day they had!

In Spring 2 we had an assembly presented by the NSPCC. They spoke to children about what they should do if they are feeling worried or nervous about something. The children came up with a good list of adults they can ask for help at school and at home. The children met buddy the mascot, he helps children to know that they should always feel safe wherever they are.

Autumn 2 has been a very busy half term for the Bluebells! We have been learning all about the Great Fire of London – take a look at the photos from our learning journal! And don’t forget to watch our Christmas song performance on You Tube.


We have had an excellent start to Year 2! Please look at our photo gallery to see more. And don’t forget to watch our assembly video below!

Dear Parents/Carers please enjoy viewing our class assembly.



On Tuesday, Bluebells Class visited Wholefoods Market in Fulham Broadway. We all had the healthiest time and we loved drinking our delicious vitamin and protein packed power shakes. The staff were so friendly and generous and gave each of us a yummy apple when we said goodbye.