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Year 5 Leopards Class visited the Science Museum in South Kensington to support our current topic of Space, the Earth, Sun, Moon and beyond.

Here are some photos from our maths / science cross curricular lesson from yesterday. Our topic this term is SPACE.

Year 5 Meerkats and Leopards measured and created drawings of the Sun and planets to scale. We also calculated the distance
of each planet from the sun to to scale to help us visualize the size of our Solar System.


Dear Parents here is the letter for our coming class trips:

Class trips letter

Autumn 2 spelling words

Non- Chronological Report Writing

Watch the Pandora video to find out some information about Pandora:


Use our new Y5 Padlet to add your research:


Leopards class visit Metro Bank

As part of the PSHE curriculum; Money- saving and spending, Year 5 had a series of visits from Metro Bank explaining the work of the Bank.
The sessions culminated in a visit to Metro Bank on Fulham High Street on 11th October 2018. The children had a chance to see the bank vault where the public can store their valuables, had a look at the cash machines and meet the Bank’s mascot!
Thank you to Metro Bank for giving us such an informative session!

Please use the new Y5 Padlet to share what you have learned so far in Y5. We will review this before half term. Add in anything you aren’t quite sure about too! Use your name as the title.


Dear Parents  please take time to read our classes’ newsletter and you will find out more about our learning this Autumn first half term!

Newsletter- Autumn 1

As a part of our launch day, Y5 experimented with playdoh. They were trialling two different methods (pinching and coiling), in preparation for creating their Grecian pots, using clay. The children preferred different methods and a wide range of pot shapes. They are looking forward to creating their pots from clay in the coming weeks.