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Nursery open morning – 9.30 Tuesday 30th October


Healthy EY





International Day at Fulham Primary school

This week we have been celebrating all the different cultures that are represented in our school. We came to nursery dressed in our traditional costumes and we learnt about all the different countries. We looked on the world map to find our where they are. We tried lots of different foods and we made our own flags. It was great fun. We also thought about all the people that help us at school and we said a big thank you for all their hard work and kindness. Learning to live together in peace is all about understanding each other, what makes us the same and respecting each others differences.


Reading workshop for parents

Writing workshop for parents


The Tiger that came to tea.

We had a surprise visitor today at nursery, The Tiger who came to Tea, actually came and read us a story and shared some biscuits with us.  From now on every Wednesday Nursery children will be bringing home a story book to share. Please remember to bring back the book in your new book bags. Get into the habit of sharing books together and develop a love of reading.


Easter Bonnet Parade

Mothers Day Cream Tea

It was wonderful to see so many mums today to share a cream tea together. Mummy’s, Nanny’s Aunties and sisters all help to look after us and keep us safe. We wanted to say Thank you and we love you lots.



World Book Day Activities


We had a lot of fun dressing up as our favourite story characters. We were Visited by a real Poet who told us some great funny poems. We all joined in the Banana Poem…….can you remember it? It starts “Want Bananas, want want bananas……….” We invited the parents in to share stories with us too. It was busy and great fun. We love books!


Dear Zoo Virtual Zoo Trip

In nursery we have begun reading the book Dear Zoo by Rob Campbell.

We set up a Zoo in nursery with all our junk modelling animals we made. As part of our Talk for writing to promote mark making and writing in nursery, this was a perfect opportunity to get the children talking and writing for a reason. The children had a lot of fun when we decided to go on a ‘virtual trip ‘ to the Zoo in nursery. We all got tickets and got on our pretend bus. The children saw different animals at our zoo and used interesting words to describe them. They found out some information from the Zoo Keeper, where the animals live and what they eat. The children took turns to feed the animals. We used the words in the book as we decided which animal we can keep as a pet. The elephant was too big, the giraffe was too tall, the snake was too scary, the lion was too fierce, the camel was too grumpy, the monkey was too naughty and the frogs were too jumpy…….. the puppy was the perfect pet. The children got busy drawing the animals they had seen at the zoo.


Penguins and Puffins put on an action packed assembly based on the book Walking through the Jungle.

The children demonstrated their story telling by acting out the story and pretending to be different animals. Then they sang a little song about being brave as they go exploring in the jungle. Finally they counted backwards from 5 as they sung the song 5 Cheeky monkeys. The children  worked together to make the large models of the animals in the story, only  using recycled materials. The children made a snake, a tiger, an elephant, a lion, a monkey and a crocodile.  Everyone made their own animal hat using a paper plate as the base. They used collage and paint to create their animal face. They had a lot of fun and learned lots about the different animals. A short video clip will be posted very soon.

Happy New Year. Wishing all our children and families a Healthy and Happy 2018.

In Nursery we are having great fun reading and acting out our story Walking Through the Jungle by Julie Lacome.

Penguins class went off to Brompton Park and acted out the story there. They walked, crept, ran, and swang around the park as they acted out the story. Puffins class explored the nature lab acting out the story and finding the animals hidden around our school garden / Jungle!

A big Thank You to Kathy for looking after the Nature lab plants for us all.

We have made animal masks and big recycled materials models ready for our assembly. We have turned the role play area into a jungle, where children can go exploring and find lots of different animals that live in a jungle. We have been drawing the animals and reading about them in information books. We found out which are our favourite animals from the story. We put this information into a tally chart and a pictogram. Watch this space for photos of our assembly on Friday 26th January…I hope as many families as possible can come and watch our show.


Christmas activities have kept us busy this month. In nursery we set up Santa’s Workshop where the children could make little presents and wrap them up, we wrote Christmas cards and posted them in our post box. We made Christmas tree hats and wore them when we sang “We wish you a merry Christmas” in the Christmas concert. We went to visit the Christmas tree in Fulham Broadway Shopping centre and counted how many stars we could see.We also had a Christmas party where we ate the little sandwiches we made, played games and danced to Christmas tunes. The children acted out the Nativity Story and we all thought about the message of Christmas. Peace on Earth and Good Will to all. Happy Christmas Holidays everyone.




We had exciting visitors at school, Some fire fighters came to visit us with their amazing Fire Engine from Fulham Fire Station. We were very lucky that we could all go inside the cab and try on their helmet. The fire fighters showed us all their equipment, we were amazed that they had tools to help people in all situations. We looked through the heat camera, we tried on an oxygen mask and talked on their radio. We saw the metal cutting tools, axes and hammers. We saw the different hose pipes that they use. They had different sized ladders and lots of buttons and gadgets that they use to rescue people. Fire fighters are very brave and we were very grateful that they found the time to come and visit the children.




Exploring Autumn Vegetables

Having North End Road Market at the end of the road is a peerfect opportunity to explore seasonal fruits and vegetables. We went shopping and bought different pumpkins, carrots, potatoes, green beans, garlic and onions.

Back at nursery we chopped them up to see what they looked like inside. We weighed them and measured them. We did veggie printing and drew pictures of them. We even made pumpkin soup, which was our story for the week.

Then we set up a role play market outside and played shopping. We took it in turns to go shopping and buy the veggies and then be the market stall holder selling the veggies and giving back change. We had a lot of fun.


Black History Month.

In the nursery we found out about the South African Ndebele Tribe. We learned that they have amazing houses which they paint in bright colours with lots of patterns and shapes. We had a go at creating our own houses using paint and masking tape. We made a big play house from black bags and cut out shapes. We learned about patterns and how to make our own repeated patterns. We thought about how our homes are the same and different from the Ndebele homes. We found out where South Africa is on the map. ( Photos to follow soon!)

Autumn Walk

We went for an Autumn walk, to Brompton Park. As part of our Understanding the World curriculum. We were excited to see all the seasonal changes that are taking place. The leaves were changing colour and we spotted lots of berries on the bushes and some seeds on the Sycamore Trees. The leaves were all over the floor and we talked about how the wind blew them off and how the weather is getting colder. Autumn is a beautiful time of year.



We are following Letters and Sounds Phase 1 Phonics programme in nursery. The children will learn phonics every week with fun and interactive activities. Phase 1 has 7 Aspects which we will work through. Aspect 1: General Discrimination- environmental sounds. Tuning into listening and identifying sounds around us is great fun. The children made Listening ears and we went for walks around school to listen for different sounds.



Fish Printing.

We have been reading the story The Rainbow Fish. The story teaches us that it is important to share and be kind.   We decided to got to the market to look at the different types of fish there are and to but some to bring back to nursery. Back at nursery we looked at the fish very closely and we talked about them in great detail. They were slimy and smelly but very interesting. Once we had all had a good look we decided to paint them and make some fish prints. We used books and the internet to find out more about fish. We had lots to talk about fish which helped us to develop our vocabulary to describe the things we see ( and smell!)


Healthy Life Style

This year the MEND team will be working with nursery children and their parents. The MEND team teach us the importance of having a healthy life style. They teach us active games which show us that being active is good fun. Being active is important to build up our strength and develop our large muscles. We will be learning about healthy foods and how to look after our bodies. MEND Mini are a group of sessions for children and parents. Together you can try out new healthy foods and cooking ideas to support healthy eating at home.

Please sign up ( you must attend 4 out of the 6 sessions.) Look out for the information leaflets.


The Nursery Team 2017-18

Mrs Gallagher, Mrs Federico, Anisa, Louise, Mrs Beadle, Miss Wright. Lunch time staff Suzan, Hukon and Amina.

( photo to follow)

Nursery Newsletter Autumn 1 2017