Brightwells Academy Trust


Academy Conversion

Fulham Primary School l came together with Queen’s Manor Primary Schoo and Sulivan Primary School in October 2016 to form Brightwells Academy Trust.
The Governing Body of Fulham Primary had been considering the school’s future plans in a fast changing and increasingly challenging educational landscape.
Our priority was to enable the school to continue to provide an excellent education for our children while protecting the school’s role at the heart of our community and retaining its unique qualities and strengths.

Over the previous 12 months we discussed with other Governing Bodies how our schools might work in closer partnership to provide mutual support, challenge and benefits for our schools.

The Governing Body unanimously agreed the best way forward was to establish a local multi-academy trust and for our school to convert to academy status.

The Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) has three founding member schools: Fulham Primary,Queen’s Manor and Sulivan Primary.


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Our Collective Vision

We aim to become an outstanding multi-academy trust that:

  • Improves oportunities and outcomes for all children;
  • Nurture self-motivated, sucessful and resilient learners;
  • Drives ambition and aspiration in our children;
  • Inspire learners with high expectations of themselves;
  • Grows responsible, open-minded and caring citizens.


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