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Our Student Council is made up of one representative from each class from Nursery through to Year 6, including our classes for children with Autism. At the beginning of each academic year the children are provided with a Job Description for the role of Student Council Representative. Children who would like to nominate themselves will stand up in front of their classmates and give a speech explaining why they think they would make a suitable candidate. The class will then vote for the person that they feel will represent them the best. This is very important as the selected candidate will become the voice for their class. They are looking for someone who is a good listener, a confident speaker and a good role-model in all aspects of school life. Once the Student Council has been elected, they are presented with their special badges in a whole school assembly.

The Student Council meet with Mrs Kurdi (the Deputy Headteacher) on a fortnightly basis. They begin each session with a game or an activity taken from Philosophy 4 Children. This helps them to bond as a team and also to further develop their speaking and listening skills. They then spend some time discussing and developing ideas that have been put forward by their classmates.

The Student Council also like to work on whole school projects. Some of their most recent projects include designing and launching a new school uniform as well as improving the playground activities by sending the lunchtime supervisors on a challenge to organise and resource a new playground activity with only £50 to spend.

Thanks to the power of pupil voice at Fulham Primary School, the children can now enjoy wonderful playground activities such as dressing up, visiting the hair salon, skipping games and many more. And they do this in their new, smarter uniforms (with a tie)!



Our School Council Members