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29th June 2017 – End of year fun

As the year draws to a close, we have had lots of fun preparing things for the prom and making some teacher portraits for the coming year.

28th June 2017 – Finishing our fish!

Finally, after days and days of dehydration in their natron salt baths, our Fishy Pharoahs are ready to be wrapped!


22nd June 2017 – Avocado Smash

Mr. Boakye’s out today but we still had fun! We’ve been planning some Kids Café fun for a while and today it’s all come into fruition (no pun intended) with our handmade Avocado Smash! It was a real hit with the staff, alongside our toast and smoothie bowls – who said kids can’t cook!

16th June 2017 – Year 6 Elections

Here in Year 6, we’ve been following the Elections closely and we decided to run our own mini-election in school, with the fantastic Year 5 Leopards and Meerkats acting as our voters. It was a tough fight and there were some fantastic speeches from our party leaders, however, “Jeremy Corbyn”‘s Labour Party took the win in the end.

We’ve got some real, Future Leaders right here – watch this space world!