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On Tuesday 20th February Year 6 had parents meeting about SATs 2018. Here is the presentation that Mrs Rankin prepared and was shown that morning:

SATs Parents meeting 2018

In Year 6 our science topic this term is ‘Animals Including Humans.’ This week in Owls and Foxes we dissected a lamb’s heart to help us identify the different parts of the heart and understand better how the heart works.

This week the Owls’ class is visiting IntoUniversity for their focus week on the ancient Egyptians. They are hard at work learning about hierarchy in ancient Egypt, the geography of the land, pyramids and hieroglyphics.

15th December

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from Owls’ Class!

13th December

After just four months we are very sad to say goodbye to David who is returning in America with his family. He has made himself part of the Owls’ family and we know that he will stay in touch with many friends that he had made her at Fulham Primary School.

This week, Year 6 took part in the annual residential trip to Treginnis Isaf on the West coast of Wales, as part of their School Journey. It was a fantastic experience, living and working on a farm as well as visiting the local town of St. Davids. We all had a fantastic time and many treasured memories were made. After a whole week of cleaning the animals, feeding them, picking vegetables, chopping wood and even making our own dinners, we are glad to be home but will be missing the entire Treginnis family. We would also like to say a huge thanks to Farms for City Children for making this possible!