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In Autumn 2 in the Buttercup class we have been busy looking at Celebrations as our theme. We have been learning about the story of Diwali and made little lanterns. The children have also learnt about Poppy Day and made a giant class wreath and their own ones.

This half term we bought our own Christmas tree and decorated it with tinsel and reindeer food that we made to sell at the Christmas Fair.  We have also been learning about the differences between our Christmas now and in Victorian times. The children made their own Robin Christmas cards and leanrt about the significance of postmen being called a robin during that time.

We also made our own Victorian Christmas trees and looked at how they decorated their tree compared to how we do now.

In Art the children have been loooking at Artists that focus on Celebrations. We looked at an artist called Chidi Okoye from the USA, the painting we looked at was called ‘Jazz Time’. The children said his painting’s are very colourful and bright. The children learnt about primary colours and tested out how to make secondary colours using just red, yellow and blue.


This half term Buttercups have been learning the story of Cinderella through using Talk for Writing. The children drew this map of the story as a class and learnt story off by heart.

They also made little stick puppet characters and the setting of Cinderella, they then acted  the story in their groups together.



As part of Harvest the children looked at signs of Autumn they could find. We went an a walk of our local area and drew what we brought back using chalks, pastels and pencils.


Here are some photos of the children learning about Nigerian food, locating the country of  map of Africa and making Nigerian flags.